Lovecore Aesthetic and Valentines Fashion

Valentines is just around the corner, and you just want your day (and your outfit!) to be perfect, so we gathered some inspo filled with hearts, red and pink!

In this article:

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  3. How to dress Lovecore?
  4. Lovecore Lifestyle and Home Decor
  5. How to create a Lovecore Hair and Glam
  6. Where to buy Lovecore Aesthetic clothes?

What is Lovecore Aesthetic?

Lovecore Aesthetic: Definition

Lovecore is an aesthetic and a lifestyle that incorporates the visuals and ethos of Valentine's Day. It is based on the visual culture of manufactured romance, as seen in Valentines commercials and romantic movies. It can involve both requited and unrequited relationships, with both crushing on someone from afar and the rituals of dating being shown in these images.

However, people who enjoy the aesthetic are not necessarily actively crushing on anyone or in a relationship depicted in the aesthetic. While the aesthetic largely speaks about crushes and relationships, there is no true person that the original poster is thinking about.

People who enjoy romance fiction, queer people who celebrate love, and people who wish for romantic experiences are some examples of people who appreciate the aesthetic.

Lovecore Aesthetic Fashion

Different types of Lovecore Aesthetic

Soft Lovecore: Sweet and Romantic

The Soft Lovecore aesthetic girl style is defined by the classic Soft Girl look, with subtle accessories that shows her romantic feelings, such as heart and cherub jewelry or hair clips.

She wears neutral pastel colors with a touch of pink or red, and her makeup is very soft, with just a bit more blush and lipgloss than usual.

Kawaii Lovecore: Lovely and Playful

The Kawaii Lovecore girl loves to wear cute outfits such as a school uniform with a pink skirt, and accessorize with tube socks, pink heart pins and hair clips, and her favorite Sanrio character as a charm on her school bag.

Her makeup goes from natural and sweet to Decora Kei with hearts on her cheeks.

Vintage Lovecore: Your Classic Valentines Pin-Up

The Vintage Lovecore girl is your perfect Valentines Pin-Up that you see on 1950s posters and postcards! Timeless, sexy and elegant, she loves to match her red shiny pumps to the shade of her lipstick. 

She wears heart shaped sunglasses, a pencil skirt and a lovely top, and she wears her hair as a high ponytails or vintage victory rolls.

Yandere Lovecore: Obsessed and Passionate

The Love Sick anime trope who is obsessed with her crush is a whole mood, and an aesthetic to match! The Yandere Lovecore fashion style include lots of red, and sometimes some horrorcore elements. Her makeup look includes lots of blush and a generally menacing look.

How to dress Lovecore Aesthetic?

Aesthetically, Lovecore tends to focus on the pop-culture image of love through Valentine's Day decorative trends. The symbols associated with romance are also heavily featured, especially in text. The aesthetic has substyles that can emphasize Soft Girl vintage, yandere anime, or Cottagecore visuals.

Lovecore originated on Tumblr but later spread to many other platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest.

Lovecore Aesthetic Colors and Visuals

Popular Lovecore fashion visuals and motifs include hearts, boxes of chocolate, lipstick, love letters, cupid, angels, and the colors red and pink. There are also vintage elements present in the form of Valentines Day cards and posters. There is sometimes overlap with anime in the form of pink manga edits and images of anime characters with hearts in their eyes.

Lovecore elements to incorporate in your aesthetic:

  • Anime characters who are blushing or have hearts around them
  • Anything shaped like a heart and in the lovecore colors
  • Bouquets of flowers
  • Cakes with pink frosting and cherries
  • Candy such as lollipops or chocolates that are heart-shaped and pink or red
  • Cupid imagery such as angel wings and arrows
  • Cute animals such as kittens or dogs
  • Lipstick
  • Paper Valentine's Day cards
  • Stuffed animals
  • Typography expressing quotes about love
  • "Tunnel of Love" amusement park rides

Lovecore Color Palette

The typical lovecore color palette revolves around shades of red and pink.

Lovecore Aesthetic Colors

How to achieve the Lovecore Fashion Look?

Lovecore fashion is a mix of lingerie, heart prints, satin dresses, and just general formal date wear, though sometimes people who identify with the aesthetic adopt a softer look or opt for simple graphic t-shirts or sweatshirts.

Colors like pink, red, and white, as well as motifs such as hearts and lipstick marks, are also fairly common. Some garments include:

  • Crop tops with puffed sleeves, shirring, and other feminine details
  • Heart-patterned garments and accessories
  • Slip dresses with satin and lace
  • Turtlenecks with a tighter fit
  • Pink lingerie
  • Angel wings or wing imagery on clothing
  • Graphic T-Shirts or Sweatshirts with a message for your lover

Lovecore Aesthetic Shoes & Accessories

The Lovecore aesthetic look relies on a pretty outfit with accessories and shoes that are well chosen to tie the look together.

What shoes to wear with a Lovecore Aesthetic outfit?

Even if your clothes are simple and neutral, picking the right shoes can really make your outfit stand out!

Here are the best shoes to wear to achieve the Lovecore look:

  • Mary Janes for a pretty, innocent look
  • Pumps that look like Louboutins
  • Goth or Dark Grunge Boots with heart buckles
  • Shoes that are red or pink
  • Tall heels or platforms for a more seductive look

Lovecore Aesthetic Shoes & Accessories to get inspired:

Lovecore Aesthetic Shoes and Accessories

Lovecore Hobbies and Activities

Being in love or having a crush sure does make you creative! From decorating your room to baking heart-shaped sweets, here’s a list of Lovecore Aesthetic activities you can do for fun:

  • Writing/decorating love letters
  • Baking sweets
  • Thinking about your crush/partner
  • Kissing and Holding hands
  • Watching romantic movies
  • Dancing
  • Listening to romantic music
  • Reading or writing about romance
  • Cuddling
  • Going on dates
  • Making paper hearts

Lovecore Aesthetic Food and Drinks

Pretty snacks and drinks that reminds of love and Valentines are plenty! For instance:

  • Heart-Shaped Candy and Cookies
  • Rose Wine
  • Strawberry Juice
  • Cupcakes
  • Red Berries
  • Decorated cakes

Valentines Lovecore Aesthetic Cakes

Valentines Drinks Aesthetic Lovecore Lifestyle

The Lovecore Aesthetic Home Decor

Aesthetic Lovecore Bedroom Decor Valentines

How to decorate your Lovecore bedroom?

The color palette for your Lovecore Aesthetic bedroom is mainly:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
  • Soft yellow, peach or blue

Girly elements, shapes and patterns are often seen in a Lovecore bedroom decor, as well as classical elements that look straight out of an antique shop, such as:

  • Hearts, Cupids and cherubs
  • Classical art sculptures like Venus de Milo
  • Romantic 18th century paintings
  • Floral prints or fresh bouquet of flowers
  • Projector lamps and Lava lamps
  • Chandeliers and candelabras
  • Romantic message Coffee Mugs
  • Baroque photo frames
  • Stuffed animals and Dolls
  • Valentines Cards and Posters

Lovecore Aesthetic Bedroom Inspiration

Nana Strawberry Glass

Lovecore Aesthetic Hair, Makeup, Nail Art

How to do your hair in a Lovecore fashion?

Vintage romantic hairstyles are very popular with this Valentines look. That being said, many fashion influencers now favor a more modern look, inspired by Anime characters.

Lovecore hairstyles can be achieved by dyeing and styling your hair, or simply by wearing a pretty Cosplay or eGirl wig.

Some popular Lovecore hairstyles include:

  • Red, pink, or platinum blonde hair
  • Bangs for a more youthful look
  • Curls like a 50s or 60s vintage hair style
  • High ponytails
  • Pigtails or French braids
  • Heart-shaped hair clips
  • Victory rolls

How to create the perfect Lovecore Makeup look?

The concept of a Lovecore makeup look is to show off the depth of your romantic feelings, going from cute, light and flirty, to full Yandere girl with a love sick complexion.

This Lovecore makeup look can be achieved by adding the following elements:

  • A bright, glowing skin
  • Lots of blush on the cheeks and the nose
  • Highlighter on the cheekbones, nose and lips
  • Long eyelashes
  • Using blush as eyeshadow
  • Drawing hearts with eyeshadow or eyeliner
  • Bright pink or red lips
  • Extremely glossy lips
  • Freckles for an innocent look

Lovecore Makeup Valentines Inspo

Valentines Makeup Aesthetic Lovecore

Valentines Makeup Hearts Eyeshadow Blush

Lovecore Yandere Girl Aesthetic Makeup for Valentines

Lovecore Nail Art

Whether you choose to go with a more natural look or go full Lovecore, your nails need to be on point!

You can make your nails look natural, with a simple light tone of pink, or go red with hearts and gemstones.

Valentines Aesthetic Nails Ideas

Valentines Nails Lovecore Nail art Acrylic with Hearts

Gothic Nails Valentines Aesthetic Lovecore Inspo Nail art

Lovecore Outfit Ideas that you can wear right now!

As usual, we gathered some outfit inspo just for you! Here are a few examples of what a full Lovecore Aesthetic outfit can look like, including shoes and accessories!

Many of these looks are inspired by TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram influencers, as well as Twitch streamers, eGirls, and anime characters.

Where to buy Lovecore Aesthetic clothes?

You can find a Lovecore Aesthetic clothing collection, as well as accessories, at Aesthetics Boutique!

In Conclusion

The Lovecore Aesthetic is more than just fashion. It is a complete lifestyle that allows you to express your feelings in many different ways, from sweet and cute to total yandere girl, in a really fun way!

We hope that you found this article helpful and entertaining!

See u very soon!


Happy Shopping!

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