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Hi There!

This is Hailey.

Welcome to Aesthetics Boutique, thanks for visiting the store!

Please let me tell you a bit about us, and how we got started.

Aesthetics Boutique is an independent, female-owned indie store based in San Francisco, California.

We started this Boutique after the success of our Blog, "How to become an E-Girl". 

The feedback we got from you Girls, was that putting a cool outfit together is actually not as easy as it seems!

As girls, we are often busy with work and studies, so putting together the perfect aesthetic outfit and spending hours shopping around to find every last item can be incredibly time-consuming. 

Moreover, very few places in the world actually have shops that carry items such as Dark Grunge Hoodies, cute purple eGirl wigs or Punk Rock platform boots!

Our Blog was actually flooded with requests from Girls from all over the world, asking us where to get each item.

So, we decided to put together this Aesthetic Boutique that understands your need for kawaii or edgy fashion items.

We provide only the most popular items that eGirls and Aesthetic Influencers are wearing, as a one-stop shop for everything. 

In addition to your new banging look, we also offer Home Decor items to decorate your bedroom or streaming studio, that match your aesthetic!

And finally, we are integrating our Blog within the Store, so you can find plenty of tips and advice on how to find your own aesthetic, to get you there step by step. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us. 


–The UwU Team
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