Collection: Aesthetic Notebooks, Stickers, Stationery

Aesthetic Stationery, Aesthetic Notebooks for School

Y2K Notebooks

Match your brand new Y2K Outfit with a pretty Y2K notebook!

Kawaii Notebooks

Because cuteness is a non-negotiable when it comes to your personal style, we developed a cute Kawaii notebooks and stationery collection.

Anime-Inspired Notebooks & Stationery

Sailor Moon Notebooks

Cute Sailor Moon inspired notebooks to carry the power of the Moon wherever you go!

Nana Notebooks

Nana Notebooks for school to remember a beautiful friendship story.

Gothic Notebooks for School

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies! Gothic, witch notebooks for school to match your Goth Girl aesthetic.

Pastel Goth Notebooks for School

Because Cute and Spooky sounds like you, we designed this collection to match your Pastel Goth aesthetic!

Soft Girl Notebooks for School

Lovely, elegant and feminine theme Soft Girl Notebooks and Stationery for school, or to use as a Diary or To-Do List!

Aesthetic Stickers

  • Aesthetic Stickers for Laptop & Aesthetic Stickers for Hydroflask

  • Gothic Stickers & Pastel Goth Stickers

  • Y2K Stickers

  • Kawaii Stickers