Collection: Y2K Aesthetic Outfits

What is Y2k Aesthetic?

Y2k aesthetic was the dominant style from the mid-90s and early 2000s. The word y2k stands for “The year 2000”.

It’s not just about clothes. It has its own type of music, fashion, movies and culture.

This style is characterized by a futuristic appearance and millennial accessories.

Signature style stems from low-rise jeans, platform sneakers, tube shirts, and velvet tracksuits.

Y2K Graphic T-Shirts, Y2K Crop Tops, Y2K Sweatshirts and Y2K Hoodies

Graphic tees and tops were incredibly popular, so we decided to make you enjoy it, too!

The most iconic designs were the Dont be Jealous and That's Hot t-shirts worn by Paris Hilton, and the Dump Him t-shirt worn by Britney Spears.

Y2K Pillows, Y2K Home Decor, Y2K Notebooks

We made some Hoodie versions to keep you warm this winter - and we turned it into Home Decor.

Go check'em out!

Y2K Backpacks for School, Y2K Bags and Y2K Pins