Collection: Wednesday Addams Clothes & Outfit Inspo

Wednesday Addams Aesthetic Inspired Outfits

The cute Gothic Aesthetic clothes in this Wednesday Addams Inspo Collection could easily be one of Wednesday Addams' favorites.

How to dress like Wednesday Addams?

To dress like Wednesday Addams, in a nutshell: you've come to the right place! We gathered a few tips to help you dress like Wednesday, our very own Princess of Darkness.

Dark Academia Style with a Gothic Aesthetic Twist

Dark colors and a preppy look! Dark Academia, Witchy Academia and Goth are the perfect dose of darkness your wardrobe needs.

Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy School Uniform

Yup, we have it too! The iconic grey striped uniform, with shirt and tie included.

Wednesday Addams Dress in the Raven's Dance scene

By popular demand, yes, we have it!

Wednesday Addams Shoes

Black boots and Black Mary Janes are a must!