Collection: Kuromicore Aesthetic

Kuromi: Rebellious and Adorable!

Mischievous Kuromi has many loyal fans from all around the world, as well as an incredible sense of style. Let's explore her dark and cute aesthetic!

Kuromicore Fashion: Kawaii and Edgy Outfits

Why not adopt her cute and edgy outfits with this collection inspired by our favorite Sanrio character? From warm cosy sweatshirts to lovely dresses and skirts, Kuromicore is a versatile style that has something for everyone.

How to dress Kuromicore?

Her colors are Black, Pink and Purple. Mix up Gothic and Punk elements with cute Kawaii accessories, and voila! If you want to adopt the trend, here's how to get started: 

  • Wear Black or Purple as a base color
  • Cute accessories like bows and lace
  • Winged eyeliner!