Collection: Nana Aesthetic Outfits

Nana Inspired Outfits, Black Stones, Trapnest aesthetic

Nana is every E-Girl's favorite anime!

Nana Ren Necklace

From the iconic Punk Rock and Soft Girl outfits to the signature edgy jewelry, we love it so much that we just had to recreate the looks from the anime with this Nana aesthetic collection.

From spike bracelets to platform shoes, we made sure to include as much of Nana's wardrobe.

Nana Hachi Strawberry Glasses

The iconic Nana Strawberry glasses mean so much in the story! Get a piece of this emotional moment by getting your own super cute Strawberry Glasses.

Nana Osaki Punk Rock Outfits

From Punk Rock shoes to Mini Skirt Nana wears on stage to spikey bracelets and chocker necklaces, we got it all!

In this curated Nana style collection, you don't have to search anymore.

Happy shopping!